Bloody MetroCards and slowing trains down



Transit union workers are giving out counterfeit subway passes covered in fake blood and bearing the image of the Grim Reaper with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) logo on his cloak, to New York City commuters as a way to draw attention to a series of fatal subway accidents over the last few months and the urgent need for safety measures. According to a Feb. 6 Source: Reuters news report, between 35 and 55 people have been killed by trains on the city’s subway tracks each year over the past decade out of the annual ridership that totaled more than 1.6 billion in 2012.

The Transport Workers Union Local 100 is calling for new speed limits to be posted that would force trains to enter the station at slower speeds, the report states. But the MTA opposes speed limits saying that it would cause delays and crowded platforms, increasing safety problems.

The union also wants attendants on subway platforms during peak traffic hours and access to emergency power shut-off systems to stop trains from entering a station when someone has fallen onto the tracks, the report states. MTA has looked into installing barriers on platforms, but said that it would be cost-prohibitive, according to the article.

The MTA should take swift steps to ensure that safety of all commuters on the subway, said New York personal injury lawyer Kenneth A. Wilhelm. “They seem to be carefully considering the several alternatives before them. Now, the MTA must choose those options that best benefit the commuters and ensure their safety.”

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