Video: The Talking Window: Vibrating subway windows broadcast sound (and immediately annoy riders)

Let’s take the technology deaf people use to hear and use it to sell shit.

Well, that’s one opinion on this interesting new technology called SkyGo. A little box that attaches to a window in a train car and transmits high-frequency sounds or messages via bone connection that you can only hear in your brain. Sounds ridiculous and as I type this I really hope it is. Like something from TheOnion or an April’s Fools joke 3 months late.

Anyway, “BBDO Düsseldorf has developed a special window for public transportation that uses a transmitter to silently release high-frequency oscillations that your brain will convert into sound.” The creative on these messages will have to be very clever because the annoyance factor is probably higher than a pop up ad. We shall see if it catches on.

read more on AdFreak


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