Video: The year 1905…on the subway

New York Subway goes from 14th to 42nd Street and we get to see how fashion has changed, as well as the interior of the tunnels.
Bonus: there are ads in the stations as well!


One thought on “Video: The year 1905…on the subway

  1. When I lived in the city I used to take subway rides for no reason. Sometimes I used to ride it and get off at any stop go upstairs and look around. Riding around on the subway was a way for me to distract my mind. Sometimes I used to take the F train all the way to kew gardens and go to the mall just to window shop. I can truly say that I have always loved the subway there. In the summer I still remember the happiness of children on their way to coney island. I always liked the feeling I had going back home from a long walk in the city. I like how nice and cool they are in summer days. I don’t know if anyone feels like I do, but I’m glad that I have lived in the times when the subways have been built. Thanks for all the past rides. 🙂

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