NYC subway sign hack helps get places easier

A group called the EPP (efficient passenger project) is posting these sign hacks on the L-Train to help make navigating the subway a little easier. Here’s an excerpt from a New Yorker article….

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 10.59.17 AM

The latest guerrilla sign campaign in the subway is not selling anything. Instead, the Efficient Passenger Project, which launched quietly this week, just wants to help you board the train in the most convenient way for your transfer needs. Borrowing the visual language of official subway signage, the stickers tell riders which car will get them closest to the stairs or exit needed to switch lines at the appropriate station.

“We recognize that it’s a common tactic for street-smart New Yorkers. But it’s complex and almost impossible to navigate for visitors or if it’s your first time to the station,” said the person behind the signs, who requested anonymity because “the MTA has been very adamant about hunting us down.”

When the idea struck late last year, “The first thing I did was contact the MTA — the marketing department, all different areas,” said the EPP founder. “They stonewalled me. A lot of them didn’t respond or said no resolutely. So I thought I’d just do it independently.”

The first batch of signs went up Sunday night along the L train, which has a huge ridership and various transfer options down the line. The installation went smoothly — “It’s New York City, no one really pays attention to you. I just wore a blue jacket and no one gave me any trouble” — with the 4/5/6 transfer spots coming first and more scheduled to go up imminently. “I want to stay out of the grip of the MTA, so I don’t want to broadcast too much about when they should expect them to be up, but very, very, very soon,” said the EPP.

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